One Dragonfly Can Eat Hundreds of Mosquitos a Day. Keep These Plants in Your Yard to Attract Dragonflies

It’s possible to help reduce mosquito populations around your house without using nasty chemicals. Did you know that dragonflies are the biggest predators of mosquitos and can eat hundreds of them a day? This makes them a great addition to your garden and the safest natural pest control. They keep mosquito population in check.

Dragonflies eat mosquitoes, both at the larval stage and as adults. Having a few dragonflies in your backyard will ensure mosquitoes do not trouble you during a high mosquito season.


1, Install a pond

To attract dragonflies you would need to install a pond in your backyard as dragonflies spend around 95% of their life cycle under water. The pond should around fifteen feet in diameter and at least one or two feet deep. Add several rocks at the water’s edge to give the dragonflies a comfortable place to rest and relax in the hot sun. If you do not have the means to dig out a pond, you can also use a small kiddy pool.

2. Add Water Plants

Once you’ve created a pond, add water plants to it such as water lilies.  These plants will give  the dragonflies a place to lay their eggs. Since dragonflies spend most of their lives as nymphs under the water,  it’s crucial to plant their favorite pond plants such as Glyceria Maxima. (find the seeds here) This plant has perfect stems and leaves for them to climb on once they emerge out of the water.


Did you know that Vitamin B1 is the only one that has been scientifically proven to repel mosquitos. Vitamin B1 helps repel mosquitos because it is able to mask the natural odors that mosquitos are attracted to. I recommend taking spirulina (here) daily as it provides the best source of Vitamin B1. All you need is one spoon a day to give you a recommended amount of 300mg. Find it here