These Budget-Friendly Kit Homes Start at Less than $8,000

Steel Master Construction Systems’ Quonset HutTM could be an ideal option for those seeking alternative building concepts. Quonset Huts have long been used as temporary structures, barns and storage buildings on farms and for the military; but now they’re finding a home in the housing sector as an affordable housing choice. These homes are not only cost-effective, but also easy to construct; clients receive everything necessary for building their own steel home from start to finish. Inside, these homes boast expansive open floor plans where the design possibilities are endless. Plus, their arched rooflines add a charming touch to the interiors. These Quonset Huts are environmentally friendly due to the materials used in their construction that conserve energy and are guaranteed for 30 years, meaning they will last a long time and generate less waste. Furthermore, manufacturing the kits takes place consistently which reduces overall waste generated during production.

Quonset Hut houses are popular due to their resistance to natural disasters like earthquakes and high winds. No need to worry about your home being destroyed during an earthquake; the steel buildings are sturdy enough to withstand such conditions. They can withstand heavy snow loads, making them perfect for colder climates if properly insulated. Constructing these buildings is simple – all that’s required is one nut and bolt connection! Even novices can manage this project easily. Maintaining and protecting steel buildings couldn’t be simpler. Termites, rot, and even flames may pose problems for log or wood structures but not with metal ones. Steel Master homes are constructed with metal coated with Galvalume Plus, protecting it against corrosion that occurs naturally to unprotected metal over time. Furthermore, this coating shields it from sunlight and cold breezes – making it easier to regulate indoor temperatures.

To give you an estimate of the price tag associated with 20 foot by 40 foot and 10-foot high home models, they start around $8,000. From start to finish, the S model – made up of 22 gauge Galvalume steel in a 40 by 40 residence – may set you back approximately $35,000. Other elements to consider include the foundation and electrical and plumbing systems. Steel Master has been constructing Quonset structures for companies like Disney, NASA, Boeing, the US Military, 3M for over three decades now. Steel Master’s headquarters are in Virginia Beach, where they manufacture all of their kits in-house and ship them worldwide. Customers can customize their Quonset buildings by choosing from an array of styles, colors, and applications to fit their individual needs. Quonset huts feature flat, straight walls on the inside that give them a traditional home aesthetic and make designing and furnishing easier. Dividing rooms with walls creates a more homely atmosphere, and adding loft space as an additional floor can provide even more usable space if required. Would you choose to live in one?

These barn home kits were crafted by experienced architects to meet your unique requirements. by Steel Master Building Systems.