Experience a Virtual Video Tour of this Stunning $16,348 Log Cabin Built by Amish Log Cabins – One of the World’s Premier Log Home Builders!

Are you in search of a duplex living arrangement? Look no further than The Cumberland Log Cabin Kit from Amish Cabin Company for just $16,350! Enjoy all the comforts of nature with this cabin from their collection.

No need to worry about sustainability when building this cabin kit; all logs used come from sustainable tree plantations. Plus, the company behind the kit is very helpful in providing all you need to turn it into your perfect home. Visit their website for more useful details like shipping prices and whether assembly is included or not – good luck making this cabin kit become your dream come true!







Standard Tools Needed for Construction
Cordless screw driver
Circular saw
Utility knife
Tape measure
Step ladder
Caulking gun
Pencil Inexpensive sprayer

These log cabin packages are perfect for the DIY builder. Find out more…