For only $37,000, this Woodland Shell Log Cabin looks absolutely fantastic inside…

Coventry Log Homes designed this stunning Woodland log home. They are a New Hampshire building company specializing in log houses, run by Jim Elliot and his sons Jeff and Mark. Over the past couple of decades, Coventry Log Homes has seen tremendous success; offering over sixty different models of log structures as well as garages, home additions, sheds and more!

Their designs are showcased through a virtual tour on their website, taking you inside the mill where logs are processed. Here, you can explore different log home plans and watch the construction process firsthand.

The Woodland log house is a simple yet attractive design from their Cabin series. Perfect for weekend getaways or as a small home, this 1140 square feet unit features two bedrooms and one bathroom plus an additional loft that could be used as either a guestroom, office space or lounge area. Sleeping arrangements in this house can accommodate up to six people comfortably; kitchen layouts can be tailored according to client needs while spacious living rooms boast wood walls for warmth and coziness.

The Woodland design model comes complete with a charming patio to enjoy the outdoors. It’s an added bonus of owning this log house; you can relax on its lounge chair while sipping coffee from your outdoor oasis. Plus, its universality means you can set it up anywhere – making it the perfect fit for any environment!

Log homes make great country residences due to their natural ability to regulate temperature. Furthermore, the logs filter out toxins from the air, acting as a purifier and creating healthier indoor air quality.

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